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Eve online is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game developed by CCP games and released in May 2003. Since then, CCP have released new content and major expansions every six months, creating one of the largest and most detailed games ever. Eve is known as a hard game to get a start in. Advancing your character happens in real-time, even if you're not logged in, and getting good at a specific job can take a couple of days or a few months. To get anywhere in Eve you need to work together with other players. Players can fly solo, but grouping up can make generating ISK, the main currency in Eve, much easier. Like minded players can form groups known as Corps, which work like a guilds or clans in other MMO's. Being in a larger Corp…show more content…
They are the goal for most miners as a single cargo hold can give you enough ISK to upgrade your mining ship and buy a few more ships for PvP. Mining ships are easy to skill into and dedicated miners are always sought by Corps that manufacture or work in riskier systems. 2. Mission running If mining doesn't interest you, there are non player characters(NPC's) in every system that will give you missions in return for ISK and items. Missions rank from level 1, which you can do with one player, to level 5 which need at least two skilled pilots in high level ships. Missions are more combat oriented, although there are some that only need you to move items from one system to another. Grouping up with some friends or corp mates can help you run through missions faster and generate more income than running solo. Running missions will help you learn about the combat side of Eve, such as what sort of defences or weapons are most effective as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your ships. 3. Trader Trading is the most lucrative activity you can do in Eve, but it does need a lot of reasearch to be succesful. Knowing which items are useful and where they are in short supply can boost your income considerably. Most traders start by mining enough asteroids to afford an industrial ship which have a large cargo space and good defences, then head to a

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