Multiple Choice, Binary Choice And Matching Questions Essay

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Multiple Choice, Binary Choice, and Matching Questions
My greatest strength in writing multiple choice, binary choice, and matching questions is creating scenarios for the multiple-choice. I enjoyed writing these scenarios by making up stories that are related to the content. I was also good at keeping track of what we have and what we needed to do. Another strength I had was in creating binary choice question because there is only one right answer.
My greatest weakness was coming up with good alternate choices for the multiple-choice. I had a hard time with this because the ones that I came up with were either too obvious, not homogeneous, or too similar. Another weakness I had was creating matching because I found it hard to make them all homogeneous. They were also hard to make because we had to come up with different responses that were similar in order for the premises not to stand out.
My contribution to the multiple-choice, binary choice, and matching questions was that I created many of multiple choice questions this was because I enjoyed writing the scenarios. I also wrote some of the binary questions. I also contributed to the group by helping and collaborating on the matching. I also help by keeping track of what we had in terms of number of different types of questions and the number of learning objectives.
I would rate myself a ten out of a ten on my contribution to the multiple-choice, binary, matching questions because I did my share of crating the number
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