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Multiple Choice Questions: Choose the best answer. 1. Arguments that try to prove their conclusions with rigorous, inescapable logic are __________. a. logically reliable b. inductive c. abductive d. deductive 2. An argument in which the conclusion is claimed to follow probably from the premises is __________. a. implicative b. inductive c. deductive d. none of the above 3. Which of the following is not a common induction indicator word or phrase? a. it logically follows that b. likely c. chances are that d. none of the above 4. If the conclusion of an argument follows with strict logical necessity from its premises, then the argument should be regarded as __________. a. inductive b. deductive c. both a and b d. neither a nor b…show more content…
b. a modus tollens argument. c. a hypothetical syllogism. d. an argument by definition. 11. A valid argument must __________. a. be a deductive argument. b. have all true premises. c. have a true conclusion. d. all of the above 12. A valid argument may have __________. a. false premises and a false conclusion. b. false premises and a true conclusion. c. true premises and a true conclusion. d. all of the above 13. If a deductive argument has true premises and a false conclusion, then the argument is __________. a. weak b. uncogent c. strong but not necessarily uncogent d. invalid 14. An inductive argument that is strong and has all true premises is __________. a. sound b. cogent c. valid d. valid but not necessarily sound 15. A strong argument must have __________. a. probably true premises b. a probably true conclusion c. both a and b d. none of the above 16. If an inductive argument has a false premise, then the argument is __________. a. unsound. b. weak. c. uncogent. d. all of the above 17. A weak inductive argument necessarily has __________. a. one or more false premises. b. a false conclusion. c. both a and b d. neither a nor b 18. The argument “All cars are trucks; all Toyota Camrys are cars; so, all Toyota Camrys are trucks” is a. weak and uncogent. b. valid and unsound. c. weak and unsound. d. strong and invalid. 19. The argument “If Atlanta is in Georgia, then Atlanta is in the South; Atlanta is in Georgia; so, Atlanta is in the South” is
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