Multiple Elements Of Incarceration Within Australia 's Criminal Justice System

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This eBook reports on issues relating to multiple elements of incarceration within Australia’s Criminal Justice System. Specifically, a large allotment of text is allocated to discuss transgender inmates and their sexual identification once in prison. The author Cyndi Banks, acknowledges that prisons may adopt either genitalia- based placements or a identity based placements and notes that if genital reconstructive surgery has not been undergone, the inmate will be identified as their birth sexual orientation. Further, the text discusses the detrimental effects these systems have on transgender prisoners and states that research data indicates that these manners of imprisonment may ultimately affect the offender’s chance of successful rehabilitation, which is a significant problem. This literature is effective in portraying the current problems associated with transgender inmates, and has has aided me to understand that the sexual identification of a transgender inmate has a significant impact on them during the period that they are incarcerated. Additionally, this is a problem that a prison officer within scenario seven would be required to comprehend and this text begins to explain solutions to this. Blight, Jake. 2006. “Transgender Inmates.” Trends and issues: crime and criminology 16 (8): 1-6. Accessed April 16, 2016. This paper, written by Jake Blight, directly addresses the issue of transgender
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