Multiple Elements Of Patient Management

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In this case study all five elements of patient management are integrated to obtain best possible results for the patient. To begin with, the imaging studies were helpful for the therapist to rule out major spinal degenerative condition and associated compressions. Physical therapist began the patient management by adequately asking the work history, functional tests, balance activities including single leg standing and special orthopedic tests in an effort to identify the cause of pain. After reaching a therapy diagnosis, the clinician worked diligently towards improving the overall spinal mobility and then strengthening to ease the symptoms experienced by the patient prior to the start of intervention.
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Interventions based on initial emphasis on obtaining spinal mobility and hip musculature flexibility helped the patient and helped therapist o gain more confidence to establish a good prognosis. After addressing the restriction issued the therapist wisely chose remaining visits to give more focus on strengthening and conditioning of patient o make him able to get back to routine work. Also, the article suggested that the patient understood and followed the strengthening exercises and self-stretching techniques even after getting discharged form therapy.
3. Compare and contrast somatic and visceral pain. (2pts)
Both somatic and visceral pain are nociceptive pains.

Somatic Pain Visceral Pain

-Mostly musculoskeletal pain found in tissue such as skin and muscles as well as in joints, bones and ligaments.

-Sharp pain localized in a specific area of injury with associated swelling or bleeding.

-Somatic pain is usually aggravated by activity and relieved by rest

- Somatic pain can be either superficial or deep depends upon the tissue affected

-Somatic pain usually treated well with over-the-counter medications such as NSAIDs or other analgesics.

-Visceral pain comes as referred pain from the internal organs such as the stomach,
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