Multiple Fascicles

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A muscle is made up of multiple fascicles. Fascicles are made up of many tubular myofibrils. Within the myofibrils there are myofilaments. These filaments are thick and thin proteins called Actin and Myosin. They allow the skeletal muscles to contract. Myofibrils within the skeletal muscle cell, are separated into units called sarcomeres. These are the units of skeletal muscle cell contraction.

Surrounding the Myofibril is a network of channels and tubules called Sarcoplasmic Reticulum, in which calcium is stored.

Sarcoplasm is the equivalent to cytoplasm when it comes to a skeletal muscle cell. The myofibrils occupy majority of the sarcoplasm.

The sarcoplasm contains multiple mitochondria. These mitochondria produce a sizable amount of
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