Multiple Intelligence And Learning Styles

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Multiple Intelligence and Learning Styles
In a classroom, all students are unique in various different ways. They may be different through gender, race, socio-economic status, and so forth. They may also be different in how they learn information and how they think about information. Multiple Intelligence Theory was first introduced by Howard Gardner. Gardner believed that there are eight types of intelligence that people possess. Some people may be stronger in certain types of intelligence and weaker in others. He wanted to prove that there is no single way for intelligence to exist. Learning style model is a theory that people have different ways of learning. Some people learn through listening to a teacher while others may learn through looking at diagrams. These two theories prove that teaching should not be directed towards particular students
Multiple Intelligence (MI) is a theory that Gardner introduced after many people started to believe with Alfred Binet’s intelligence quotient (IQ) test that intelligence could simply be measured and represented through a unit. Gardner wanted to prove that certain students may not possess the same level of intelligence in a certain category such as Math, which would fall under Gardner’s logical intelligence, as other students. He suggested that certain people excel at particular intelligences more than others. The eight types of intelligence include linguistic, logical, spatial, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal,
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