Multiple Intelligence

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Multiple Intelligence-Final Essay Outline Everybody learns differently: Slow/fast In groups with other people At once/repeatedly Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences Linguistic Like to do Good at… Learn best by... Logical & Mathematical Visual & Spatial Musical Bodily & Kinesthetic Interpersonal Intrapersonal Naturalist Learning Profiles My profile My age/country profile Summary and resources Multiple Intelligence Final Essay As human beings we all learn differently. Some people learn fast while others learn slowly. Others can only learn when they are in groups…show more content…
They may also show the ability to empathize and understand other people. These learners have lots of friends and they enjoy talking to people. They join many groups. They are very good at understanding people, communicating and leading others, organizing events, manipulation and mediating conflicts. The best way for them to learn is by sharing, comparing, relating, cooperating, interviewing with people. They are called, ”The Socializer”. Intrapersonal intelligence involves the ability to reflect, analyze, and contemplate problems independently. A person may look upon himself or herself to assess one’s own feelings and motivations. Intrapersonal learners like to work alone. They prefer to pursue their own interests. They are good at understanding themselves. They can focus clearly on their feelings and dreams. They follow their instincts and stay original. The best way for them to learn is by working alone, doing individual projects and self-paced instruction. They are called, “The Individual”. Naturalistic Intelligence has to do with the ability to make distinctions in the natural world and the environment. Naturalistic learners like to go outdoors. They enjoy observing natural occurrence, being with animals and collecting natural objects. They are good at categorizing things from the natural world. They are also skilled in using sensory skills, noticing environment, learning about objects and species of natural world.
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