Multiple Intelligences

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Top Three Intelligences
By: Sean Mahoney
Strategies for the Technical Professional
Professor R. Aragon

As stated in our reading there a total of 8 multiple intelligences developed by Howard Gardner. Each type of intelligence is not the same for every person. Everyone has their own unique personality and therefore has their own style of learning or retaining information provided to them. There are certain surveys you can take in order to determine where your particular intelligences fall. I have taken one of these surveys and have chosen three of my top intelligences to explore further and to determine what skills in each type of intelligence are most effective for me to retain new information, not only in my education but
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No matter if you are in school or already in your career. Being able to retain information valuable to your job and understanding it is extremely important and makes you a valuable asset. You can assist your classmates or perform your job near flawlessly as long as you understand the importance to knowing how you learn and the best way to utilize your multiple
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