Multiple Intelligences Self Assessment Quiz

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I choose to take the Multiple Intelligences Self-Assessment quiz. When I taught preschool and as the trainer for my department I have learned that there are many different methods in which people learn. I have learned to adapt how I teach and train based on what is required by the learner. Due to this I was curious to determine the variety of learning methods that work best for me. I discovered that I have a broad range of ways in which I learn best. I have always excelled at learning and find that I learn fairly quickly, so this is not surprising to me. What did surprise me was that my highest percentage was naturalistic. One question that I often ask is, “Why?” I enjoy having a knowledge of how things work and the ability to understand a variety of subjects, but did not realize how highly it impacted my learning. The few categories where I scored low were music and body kinesthetic. Neither of these surprise me much. When I work and am trying to concentrate I find that music and movement is very distracting. I have learned to eliminate them when focus and concentration is crucial. The rest of the categories I scored from 49% to 63%. I feel this explains my ability to learn a broad spectrum of things quickly no matter what the method of learning is. The two areas where I scored the highest were interpersonal and intrapersonal. This explains my drive for success, ability to gain insight into a variety of situations and people, my solid foundation in who I am and what

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