Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles

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Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles In today’s society not everyone has heard of the theory of multiple intelligences however most people have heard of learning styles. Even in the education field, educators may not be able to correctly define both. Are multiple intelligences and learning styles two different names of the same thing? This paper will discuss their differences and similarities. According to Dunn, Denig, and Lovelace (2001) “Multiple Intelligences addresses what is taught, while learning style addresses how it is taught, and in what context” (p. 11). Learning style research has evidenced that any content can be mastered when taught through students'…show more content…
41). There are three learning style: Auditory: prefer to learn by hearing; Visual: prefer to learn by seeing; and Kinesthetic: prefer to learn by doing. According to Dunn, Denig, and Lovelace (2001) learners are influenced by twenty one elements although not all learners are affected by all 21, most are affected by six to fourteen elements. These twenty one elements that affect learners are classified into five different variables: Psychological: perceptual, intake, time and mobility; Environmental: sound, light, temperature and design; Emotional: motivation, persistence, responsibility and structure; Sociological: self, pair, peers, team, adult and varied and Physiological: global/analytic, hemisphericity, and impulsive/reflective. By identifying each learners learning style teachers and learners can capitalize on the learner’s strengths and weaknesses. Most learners have a primary learning style however it may not be the only learning style that learner has. Some learners have a secondary learning style which can be used to reinforce initial learning. Pritchard (2009) found there is a possible drawback to helping children to identify their particular learning style: if a child is given a particular learning style label, it is possible that they will center their learning on this one approach to learning and even refuse to work in other modes. Many people believe that Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles are the same thing just worded differently. The main
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