Multiple Personality Disorder

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We’ve all experienced the feeling that we’ve moved into a different life, dissociation from reality, just mild like when we daydream, delve into a good book or become engrossed with a project. But then after that, we do still come back to reality. However, some people are diagnosed with a dissociative identity disorder or the popular multiple personality disorder (MPD). This differ from mild dissociation that all of us commonly experience. People who have this live a fairly complicated life. Sadly, people who have this experience traumatic physical, sexual or emotional abuse during their childhood. MPD is a severed form of dissociation from reality in which it reflects a person’s extreme lack of connectivity to the world he is in…show more content…
The distinct personalities may serve diverse roles in helping the individual cope with life's dilemmas. But what is complicated here is that when the person with MPD becomes a patient for treatment, the initial 2 to 4 personality identified within that person can double and even triple that can be further known over the course of treatment. Extremely rare though, there was even an incident of one with 100 personalities (WebMd). Quite bothering is not it? Environmental factors or various life events more often than not stressful ones, trigger quick shifts from one alter or personality to another. And then, as I said awhile ago, the painful thing here is that almost all of the individuals who developed the disorder have personal histories of disturbances that is recurring, consuming and life-threatening. It also made me angry that these disturbances took place in tender ages of less than 9. They were defenseless! No wonder they have to have coping mechanisms to escape. The abuse does not only cover physical ones, there may be instances of no overt physical cruelty, but they must have suffered neglect and emotional abuse. Some parents just do not know what they went into when they decided to have these kids, they cannot even be responsible in caring for the people they bear out in this world. They play so big a role in the
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