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Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD): Have you ever been sitting day dreaming, or got lost in a book or work? After you finish the book or your work, you come back to earth and remember what occurred while you were day dreaming or lost in that book or work. With a person that has MPD, it is not that easily done with most. Most individuals that have MPD do not remember anything that had occurred within hours or minutes of the event. Some think MPD is a hoax created by movies such as “Three faces of Eve” or “Sybil”, but is that a fact. MPD is mental health disorders were someone has an altered personality. MPD has been called many different things from split personality to what is it referred to in this century as Dissociative Identity…show more content…
said that her therapist showed her and her alter selves how to live with one another by showing them how to function and schedule their time. (G.L) MPD became know more after the movie Sybil became very popular. It is a true story about a woman named Shirley Ardell Mason whose mother physical and sexual abused her, while her father did nothing to stop the abuse. From the abuse that Sybil mother forced upon her, Sybil gained sixteen different personalities (Dryden-Edwards) to deal with the abuse. When a person has (MPD), the altered self controls the behavior of the individual. When the abuse they have suffered from has encountered them again or something triggers a memory from their past abuse, one of the altered personalities takes control of their body. After the abuse or memory comes in contact, it only takes a second for the altered self to take control of the body. The altered self will take control of the body and take the physical, mental, and emotional abuse that the individual is suffering from. The altered often remembers the abuse their self or they just will forget about the abuse. An individual can create as many as one hundred personalities to cope with their abuse. In psychiatric hospitals, MPD occurs in females more often than males. (Dryden-Edwards) MPD sometimes take a while to diagnose. When an individual feels like it is time to seek help about their problem a doctor will then proceed with a mental health evaluation. The

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