Multiple Personality Disorders

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“Multiple Personality Disorders”      Sometimes people undergo traumatic experiences in their lives that are either physical or mental and maybe even a combination of both. If the experience was so intense, and so horrible, that the mind didn’t want to remember it, or possibly didn’t know how to deal or cope with it, then that one experience has the power to split a person’s mind into “another personality”. If this happens, the other personality or personalities come out when a person who has MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) is put in a situation that he/she doesn’t know how to handle or feels that the other personality can handle it better. People suffering from MPD also have the risk of developing some…show more content…
Barb’s husband says that homelife sometimes becomes chaotic. Barb revealed through one of her personalities (DJ) that a dentist drilled in body when she was younger. “DJ” is one of Barbs personalities and she smokes and has totally different thoughts. “DJ” has memories of abuse. “Devon” is a teen male who likes to fight and goes to bars sometimes. Barb’s father brought men home to have sex with her. “Kari” is a personality who feels no responsibility of the household and comes out to deal with memories. “Audrey” is a seven year old personality.      Beth plus has many personalities. Beth is married with children. Some of Beth’s personalities include: “Beth Ann” who is an eight year old girl. “Margaret”, remembers bad side of abuser. “Megan” remembers the good side of abuser. “Frenchy”, twenty-three year old female nymphomaniac who came out to deal with the sexual abuse. “Billy” is an eighteen year old male who is the “protector” personality. “Cheyanne” is a six year old girl and was the first multiple to appear to the therapist. “Janet” comes out to drive. “Carol” comes out to grocery shop. “Mary” is the financial keeper. “Skeptic” claims that Beth is a liar and is acting everything. “Yardwoman” takes care of the yard. Beth once caused her family to be $6,000 in debt because all her personalities had a combined seventeen credit cards and ran them up. Beth was abused and raped from age ten until the age fourteen.
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