Multiple Regression Affects Baby's Development

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Multiple Regression is a very unique tool. “With multiple regression we are seeking to find the best regression model from a large set of variables” (Mirabella, 2011, p. 7-6). When we have many variables, and some are nominal and not just limited to scale variables, then we are able to create a model in which we can utilize the technique of Multiple Regression. Furthermore, “Multiple Regression is used to create a single model that can handle many variables at once” (Mirabella, 2011, p. 7-6). Furthermore, in order for Multiple Regression to work correctly, the dependent variable we are predicting must be scale, and it helps that at least one of the independent variables are scale, but the other independent variable can be of any type. However,…show more content…
It is important to know that the choices you make prior to becoming pregnant or before finding out that you are pregnant can have many varying adverse effects on your health and to a developing fetus. However, there are many factors that can affect a baby’s development but mainly what you intake affects how your baby grows, develops, and thrive. So either before becoming pregnant you first need to determine if your behaviors or lifestyle is at a point in which a baby can be born healthy and without complications. There are many factors that affect pregnancy being a mothers pre-pregnancy weight is a vital one. As a mother’s pre-pregnancy weight can be underweight, of normal weight, or overweight. These aspects affect how much additional weight you need to gain while pregnant to enhance growth and development of your baby. Moreover, if women ae underweight the need to ensure they are getting more nutrients and will need to ensure they are picking up more weight than most pregnant women. However If a woman is of normal weight, they don’t likely have to pick up as much as an underweight woman, and a woman that is overweight would only need to pick up a substantially small amount of weight to sustain their growing baby. As a woman doesn’t want to pick up too much weight or too little weight and as a result can factor in more risk factors during pregnancy. So, it is vital that you consider your…show more content…
Where Age is the age of the mother, birthweight is the weight of the baby and History of Hypertension = 1 or 0 if the woman had a history of hypertension/doesn’t have a history of hypertension. So, for a woman that is 21 years old, had a baby with a birthweight of 6 pounds, and has a history of hypertension the predicted weight of the mom at her last menstrual period= 157.32. The R-squared of .1326 tell us that 13% of the variability in the weight of the mom at her last menstrual period can be explained by the regression model with a 21 year old woman, has a 6 pound baby, and has a history of hypertension. Furthermore, since we wish to know the predicted weight of the mom at the last menstrual period we can further assess how much weight is needed in the beginning for the woman to gain throughout the pregnancy. This predicted weight will help to determine how much in addition to your pre-pregnancy weight you should gain while pregnant to help sustain your baby’s growth and development. Even more importantly, the mother’s pre-pregnancy weight helps to determine if the mother is considered underweight, normal weight, or overweight. Moreover, when predicting the pre-pregnancy weight it is essential to know that many factors are associated that determine if the mother is likely to have a baby weighing
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