Multiple Relationships Within The Counseling Profession

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Multiple relationships in the counseling profession are one of the most controversial topics. What makes this topic so interesting is although engaging in multiple relationships with clients is not ethically or legally wrong practitioners still shy away and frown upon it. For some practitioners having multiple relations with a client is inevitable, especially those living in rural communities. If a practitioner in such a community does not engage in multiple relations it can have an effect on how successful they are. Multiple relationships are defined as when a practitioner is in a professional role with a person in addition to another role with the same individual, or with another person close to that individual. Mental health practitioners and school counselors have a greater challenge in dealing with multiple relationships than those in urban communities (Corey, Corey, Corey, & Callanan, 1998). The challenge that mental health and school counselors face comes from the traditions of living in a rural community. In rural communities they pride themselves on honesty and supporting one another businesses. If a practitioners show any sign that they do not agree with these traditions people in the community may not want to use their services. Some rural communities believe in swapping rather than cash and bartering arrangements. Bartering arrangements is exchanging goods for services in lieu of a fee. Bartering can be beneficial to both the client and the practitioner as long
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