Multiple Sclerosis : A Common Disease That Affects The Nervous System

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a common disease that causes disruption to the electrical functions of the immune system resulting in cognitive and motor functions to become destroyed. 1 Multiple sclerosis affects 350,000 people in the United States, however; 2.3 million people globally are known to have multiple sclerosis. 2 This disease has throughout the years been on the rise all over the world. This increase could be due to people moving from one region to another. 2 Women tend to be at greater risk of having multiple sclerosis than men. Women typically develop symptoms at the ages of 20 and 40 years while men are known to develop symptoms at a later age. 2 Caucasian women are more susceptible to developing multiple sclerosis while African Americans have a lower chance of getting this disease. 1 Considering that MS is a disease that affects the nervous system, there is no concise explanation as to what causes this disease. Tobacco products have been linked to causing MS as well as some viruses and bacteria. 2 As viruses attack the brain and the spinal cord, the main compartments of our nervous system, this triggers an effect that causes extreme damage to the axons, specifically their mylenated areas.1 Multiple sclerosis triggers pain to the central nervous system, which destroys and prohibits proper functions. This disease is considered as being irreversible because of the damage done to the axons. 2 As damage to the axons is seen, lesions start to develop in the brain and
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