Multiple Sclerosis : An Autoimmune Disease

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If you know anyone with Multiple Sclerosis or MS, you would know how terrible the disease is. Multiple Sclerosis is an inflammatory disease in which your immune system attacks the nerve cell covers in the brain and spine are damaged. The nerves in the body eventually deteriorate and it is fatal. According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the cause of Multiple sclerosis is still unknown. There is not a cure at the moment for Multiple Sclerosis, but there are treatments that can speed recovery when attacked by the disease (Mayo Clinic). Scientists are under the impressions that there are a few factors that may come into play. They say that when they discover the exact cause of Multiple Sclerosis it will be easier to find a way to treat the disease or maybe even stop it from happening at all. (National Multiple Sclerosis Society) In Multiple Sclerosis, an abnormal immune mediated response attacks the myelin coating around the nerves in the nervous system in the body. They also say that Multiple sclerosis is more prevalent in areas farther away from the equator (National MS Society). The environment may even have a small role in the disease. Scientists also believe that Multiple Sclerosis may happen when exposed to different viruses and bacteria. According to PubMed, Infectious pathogens are the likely environmental factors involved in the development of Multiple Sclerosis (PubMed). Multiple Sclerosis is not a contagious disease at all. It is not a genetic
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