Multiple Sclerosis

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Markel Franklin

Professor Idziak

Speech 1311

March 27, 2012

Multiple Sclerosis

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about multiple sclerosis by exploring various facts of the disease including what causes it, types of the disease and how it is treated.

General Purpose: To make people aware of the autoimmune disease.


I. Greeting- Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. It is always a pleasure to stand before such an enthusiastic crowd and to talk about a topic that has affected many of us in one way or another- Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

II. Attention Getter- A saying by Cheryl Peters, “multiple sclerosis affects everyone differently”.

III. Benefits to the Audience- Knowledge
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Secondary- progressive Multiple Sclerosis: it is a type of multiple sclerosis characterized by rare relapses and increased disability.

e) How is Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosed and Treated?

i. Diagnosis

▪ Using MRI scans (Magnetic resonance Imaging)

▪ Using an electro-physiological test

▪ Examination of the cerebral-spinal fluid (National Institute of Neurological
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