Multiple Therapeutic Models of a Family

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Multiple Therapeutic Models of a Family Name Institutional Affiliation Date: Multiple Therapeutic Models of a Family The main components of structural therapy Structural therapy is a family treatment model founded on the frameworks of systems theory. The distinctive component of this model is the emphasis it has placed on structural adjustments as the primary objective of the therapy session. This emphasis is prominent over details of adjustments in individual behaviors. This model is distinctive because the therapist is the most active agent and receives much attention in the course of family restructuring (Lock & Strong, 2012). The main purpose of structural family therapy is prevention of sequences from repetition by coveting the hierarchical structures of families. This encompasses shifts in power distribution among family members by adjusting interaction styles. Nevertheless, structural family therapy operates by making alterations on the dysfunctional family structure through encouragement and promotion of growth among family members with the primary intention of re-building the family (Petridis, Pichorides, & Varopoulos, 2010). Additionally, structural family therapy was designed to adjust family dynamics by providing trendy options of interacting and methods of solving problems. Structural changes are necessary in situations whereby members experience difficulties in solving family issues. These structural adjustments are based on reorganization and
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