Multiplication Is for White People

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Contemporary education reforms study on the continuous black-white achievement gap in the public schools, in America. In the book, “Multiplication is meant for White People”: Raising Expectations for Other people’s Children, Lisa Delpit focuses on these reforms and informs educators that education gap does not exist at birth.. Through her experience in the field and as a mother, she gives strategies for raising the expectations of minority or underperforming children especially the blacks. The book has many references of elementary to university success stories of mentioned practitioners.

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Delpit further examines the university life of students in part four of the book. She concentrates on invisibility issues and dis-identification within the universities. This is an issue faced by many black students in campuses. She connects this issue of invisibility to the racism faced in institutions in the American society that undermines blacks. A vivid example is the disastrous effort to rescue people during Hurricane Katrina. Delpit uses this connection to black university students to support the fact that, the claims of invisibility and the mundane insults subjected to minorities lead to the differences in graduation numbers between the white and the black students.

These claims have been well documented. However, the connection to the graduation gap may be clearer with an answer of how other factors such as financial and other family problems brought about by poverty affect them. The rest of the book provides possible solutions to questions of invisibility such as respecting and valuing black students. Another solution is removing remedial programs for challenging curricula and supports that are appropriate.

In the entire book, Delpit complements on curricula events that enhance critical thinking. She
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