Multiplication Reflection

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The pretest and posttest I designed for my third grade classroom was focused around multiplication. I decided to create sixteen multiplication problems for them to answer in one minute. Even though, the lesson was about doubles facts I added problems 0-5 to use in the future as well. I thought of the idea of doubling from the journal “Multiplication Fact Fluency Using Doubles”. The authors added “The process exploits the idea of "doubling," a natural and energizing process that many students already have mastered and which helps to initiate a learning strand that leads to proportional reasoning” (Flowers & Rubenstein 2010). My first test was given on November 11th 2017. There are sixteen questions and I gave the students one minute to complete it. I decided on one minute because the author of the journal “Mastering the Multiplication Facts” stated “In my Action Research Plan, mastery of the multiplication facts will mean that a student can answer one multiplication question every three seconds. The students’ scores on timed one-minute multiplication tests will measure their increase in memorization of the multiplication facts” (D’Ettorre 2009)¬. The pretest was placed onto each desk and they had to write their names on the back of the paper. When I instructed them, they were asked to turn over the paper and begin. I timed them using a stopwatch and once time was done they would drop their pencils and flip over the paper. I focused on two students for both the pretest and
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