Multiplicity Of Influences On Radical Group Boko Haram

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Multiplicity of Influences on Radical Group Boko Haram:
A Comprehensive Evaluation
Megan Yung
December 7, 2014


Boko Haram is becoming an increasingly poignant issue on the world stage. There is much research looking to dissect the origins of the group, their motivation, and their goals, but there is no single accepted understanding. This paper looks to gather the different viewpoints to connect them and take a comparative look whether or not they can be compatible or contradictory. These views range from religion, to a manifestation of a class struggle and deprivation theory. Of the explanations selected, all have absolute relevancy, but for the most part only look at single factors rather than looking at combined factors. The following will look to incorporate all of these factors into a cohesive explanation, taking into account the complex environment that Boko Haram has originated


Boko Haram is an extremist militant group in Nigeria with a goal of ultimately changing the current state of Nigeria into a Caliphate under their control. Their beliefs fall under the Muslim sect of Jama’ atul Alhul Sunnah Lidda’ Wat, Wal Jihad, an extremist group. (Omadjohwoefe 2013, 82) Understanding their name also helps to gain better knowledge about who they are. Boko translates to “book” in Arabic, and Haram translates to “forbidden”, their name means, “Western education is forbidden” (Agbiboa 2013, 145) There is a dispute of the meaning,…

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