Multisensory Learning Theory

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Running Head: Multisensory Learning

Multisensory Learning
Cindy Price
University of Phoenix
June 27, 2010

When people enter the educational world, their primary goals should be student achievement and creating an environment that their students are successful in. Some of the important factors in the creation of the most effective environment are the method of teaching, their personal educational philosophy and the learning theory that brings these factors together. There are several learning theories and theorists that we as educators learn about as we go through our studies and they vary from Constructivists to Multiple Intelligences to Multisensory. As we progress in the world of education, these learning theories are
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Through the combination of the six forms of thinking and the ten lessons that the arts teach, students are given a more broadened approach to the curriculum. They are able to see more than just the problem in front of them and solve it with the right answer. The Multisensory theory creates an environment that is aimed towards the qualitative thinking; the ability to go where the work takes them, (i.e. there may be a better way or a better solution that the students encounter as they proceed with the problem or activity; one that is truly unexpected); need to focus on the particular (not on the underlying messages); students know more than that which they can explain give them other medias to use to show their understanding not just the use of words, how the lesson is being presented and how the students are engaged and are they being stimulated. Curriculum is designed and then it ultimately designs us. (Eisner, 2005) It essentially determines how we teach and how the environment of the classroom shall be. How the multisensory theory designs the curriculum is by making it more student centered and exploratory. It is a curriculum that incorporates more hands on and stimulating experiences for the students and the teachers to engage in. There is more than one
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