Multitasking Experiment and Results

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Introduction Multitasking is part of everyday life. Daily routines from driving to work or school, to coming home, involve people handling more than one task at a time. At what point is it too much to handle before mistakes are being made? When someone answers a call on their cell phone while driving, that is multitasking, and that has shown to be hazardous. When a student is instant messaging and writing a paper at the same time, that is hazardous as well, but not in the way one would immediately think. Heavy media use may be associated with decreased social well-being and could cause harm on young adults psychological functioning. Also, people who often multitask with media such as the TV, the internet, etc, have shown instances in which there was a diminished ability to effectively filter non-important information cognitively. The usage of media that college students use today has increased by at least 20% in the last decade (Alzahabi & Becker, 2013). According to Stephen Monsell, everything people do requires a schema or task-set to perform that function. Mr. Monsell stated that we use executive control to pick and perform the proper task-set(s) that are necessary to complete our current goals or activities without being distracted to complete other unnecessary goals or activities (Monsell, 2003). Executive Control or Executive Function is a mental process that connects past experiences people have had with present actions they are going through. People use this when
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