Multitasking Is Bad

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Many people multitask, for some it is a daily routine. Multitasking is not a bad thing, however it is not always good. Texting and driving is a bad example. Listening to music and doing homework is not a bad thing, but it is not always efficient. There are both good and bad examples of multitasking. Multitasking can be done in certain situations. A large amount of people multitask every day. Some people say it is good, others say it is bad. Research shows that only about five percent of us multitask effectively (Weimer). Which means that the other 95 percent don’t. However, researchers at Ohio State University found that students that watch TV and read a book at the same time are more emotionally satisfied than those who don’t (Taylor). Eating and watching TV seems to be a good idea, but studies prove that we tend to eat more when we do other things. Hill says, “Some students can…show more content…
Of course most of the time it is considered a bad thing, although this may be true a study from the University of Basel** found that sometimes the cognitive load that results from multitasking improved performance because it forced the participants to switch cognitive strategies and use a more efficient action plan to solve problems (Williams). In many ways multitasking has positive good effects, it is said it improve many skills. Reading a book, texting, watching TV, surfing the internet, and talking to someone over the phone at the same time can improve one’s ability to handle multiple tasks (Taylor). So yes, multitasking is improved each time we do it. The more things we do at the same, the more our multitasking abilities are enhanced. It is actually a great idea to do several things at one as long as only one of them is important and mentally taxing (Williams). Multitasking is a good way of getting many things done at one, as long as it is done
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