Mum 's Planning On Getting A Divorce

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Mum’s planning on getting a divorce, she wants custody of me and it’s only fair I guess, she did carry me for nine months then give birth to me after all. Though, I wonder what went wrong with my parents, they were so loving toward each other during my childhood. On sunny afternoons we would go out to the park and have picnics, dad would push me on the swings and mum would watch me as I played on the slides. The arguments began just as I had started secondary college, at that time I was new to year seven and scared, so I forced myself to believe that everything was okay. I wasn’t naïve though, I knew my parents were fighting and were no longer as perfect as they used to be. It’s been two years now, the screaming matches have dissolved into …show more content…

Not able to resist I asked why she had given the box to me, my mother simply just shrugged and walked away muttering, “Because it hurts too much.” Her quiet remark had me dashing to my bed and placing the box on it, I was anxious to know what it contained to cause my mother such pain.
Every time I tried to reach out and open the lid I’d freeze up, worries and doubts filling my head with what ifs and scenarios filled with uncertainty. This went on for five minutes. Do I really want to know what the box contains? On one side I’d be able to find out what has mum so upset, and maybe I would be able to cheer her up. But on the other side is that, maybe the box will contain certain things that will possibly hurt or burden me. However, I was always weak to the temptation of curiosity. With a deep breath I grabbed the lid of the box and slowly lifted it up.
White fabric, pure white fabric, from a dress perhaps.
It was a love like I had never known, of course at that time I was only six years old but the way my parents had brightened at the sight of each other had left a lasting impression on me. I can still remember that day in vivid detail nearly a decade later. We were at the beach and you could hear the waves crashing in the background

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