Mummies History

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History of the Tattoo Tattoos or markings of the skin have been recorded back to ancient egyptians. Symbols often seen for good luck or fertility were considered amulets to protect. Whether for or against, the proof is in the mummies. While the ‘Iceman’ that was discovered, his tattoos seemed to be more in the direction of a therapy to relieve pain. Today, tattoos are a regular sight in many different workplaces and religions, by the same token there will always be some people and some religions unwilling to accept the practice of decorating your body. Tattoos have been around for a millennium and most of their meanings are up to the receiver. Although the female mummies found had tattoos that might suggest they were of lower class, when they were entombed in the same area as royalty. Which should suggest they had importance in the…show more content…
Additionally, several mummified female bodies dating back to c. 2000 B.C. Even the royal proving that tattoos were considered powerful or memorializing something on the canvas that was often royalty. Proving that people have accented their skin with art for many reasons, declaring love, religion, or therapy.
Granted tattoos have become huge part of the modern day. Tattoos have slowly become another social norm, actually becoming a common sight in the workplace. In everyday routines we can see Doctors, lawyers, police officers, or scientists with artwork adorning their skin. However, there will always be some people that do not believe in marking their skin. Whether from religion, tradition, or fear of being judged. Of course there are still stigmas surrounding ink, like being a felon or gang
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