Mummy : The Fascinating Truth Behind Mummies

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When we hear the word “mummy” we usually think of horror movies, cartoons and our favorite dress up holiday “Halloween”, but we never really think of the deep significant value mummies have given our world. On a recent trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science I discover the fascinating truth behind mummies. I had the great pleasure of exploring one of the most amazing exhibits called “Mummies of the World”, and got to learn many interesting things like what they stand for and most importantly who they where. Who were they? Where were they from? How did they die? These three questions are the first thing you see when you enter the exhibit. It really makes you think about the kind of lives they lived and what roles they played on their society. Most importantly, they make you realize that behind that mummy is the story of a real person that at one point was alive just like you and me. For many people mummification is an honor, it means they get a direct passageway to the afterlife where they will forever live a happy eternity. For some it was nothing but accidental, or what scientists call “Spontaneous Mummification”. So what are mummies? A mummy is the body of a person or animal that has been preserved after death. There are two main functions of mummification: anthropogenic or spontaneous. Anthropogenic mummification is when a person is intentionally mummified. These types of mummies can serve two purposes; they can either be for medical experimentation or for
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