Munchausen's Syndrome: A Psychological Analysis

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A factitious disorder is a psychological disorder in which people pretend or manifest symptoms to give the appearance of illness or injury. Munchausen’s syndrome is one of the factitious disorders where the person with Munchausen’s make themselves sick or injures themselves intentionally to get attention and sympathy or go to the doctor. They will fabricate symptoms, take substances to make them sick and sometimes do things to themselves to appear something is wrong with them. Munchausen is a disorder where people purposely do things to themselves to appear sick or injured. People with Munchausen disorder will fake or exaggerate symptoms to gain attention of family, friends and doctors (Clinic, 2013). People with Munchausen will manipulate…show more content…
Almost everyone will lie or exaggerates some symptoms to make doctors really listen and help us, but a person with Munchausen’s does this repeatedly and goes beyond the normal lie others may say, to where they will accept invasive tests and possible surgeries to meet their need for attention or whatever psychological gratification they acquire from this nonexistent…show more content…
We need to be aware of changes in their attitude and condition to prevent them from falling back into the harmful routines. Going to counseling with them maybe be helpful, any type of talking to them or confrontations should be supportive and calmly, the last thing we want to do is cause needless stress. Never push someone into therapy if they are not ready to accept they have a problem and want to seek treatment, if this does happen treatment will most likely not work and they will not remain in therapy (Elwyn, 2016). It will be a lot of work for family, they will need to make sure the patient makes all appointments, takes medications as prescribed and continues to refrain from the harmful acts against
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