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The Strategy Used By Munchys Make The Company Marketing Essay

Strategic management is the process which refers to strategy formulating, implementing, and evaluating cross functional decisions to enable an organization to achieve its objectives. A strategy is about long-term planning and it must be implemented and the organization resources as well as its capabilities properly harnessed so as to achieve the planned outcome. Strategic management focuses on integrating management, marketing, finance or accounting, production or operation, research and development, and computer information system to achieve organization success.

2.0 Munchy’s Background

Munchy’s is known as Malaysia’s No.1 homegrown biscuit brand which is a remarkable
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3.0.1 Political

Munchy’s have always recognized the important of manufacturing only Halal product since the government of Malaysia focusing on turning the nation into an international Halal Hub. That is a reason why Munchy’s have a dedicated committee that deals with all things Halal. The Committee is made up of representatives from each key section that contributes to the making of the products. Munchy’s is setting its sights on a greater share of the regional pie while the tariff and trade barriers are trimmed with the formation of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). In fact of this, Munchy have been opened a new branch offices in ASEAN neighbors.

3.0.2 Economic

Nowadays, Munchy’s sales in ASEAN have seen a clear uptrend because of the proactive approach of Munchy’s done in sales and distribution, For instance, Mr. Tan reveals that sales in Singapore have grown by more than 50% since 2003, making the island Munchy’s third largest export market. Besides that, The Company has experienced double-digit growth not only within Malaysia but also in Japan, Singapore and other Asian countries. Still, Munchy’s export growth has been broad-based and their exports have been grown by close to 60% within this year. The local market is also growing, as Malaysia’s population expands.

3.0.3 Social

Nowadays, health as a prime concern is now increasingly by many
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