Munich Agreement who was the winner Chamberlain or Hitler

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Munich Agreement Assignment Who won at Munich, Hitler or Chamberlain? Neville Chamberlain was a realist, he had inherited a policy of appeasement Lord Halifax memoir) from his predecessor Baldwin. His prime motive during his diplomatic meetings with Adolf Hitler was to prevent Britain becoming entangled in a war that she was ill equipped to wage. This he successfully achieved and by defusing a situation through statesmanship he bought valuable time to allow the British forces to re-arm. On becoming Prime Minister in May 1937, Chamberlain’s government was still recovering from the depression. To add to this the empire was being threatened in the east by Japan, and there were many of her Members intent on the path of self…show more content…
The French had signed an agreement with Czechoslovakia to support her in the event of hostilities in 1924, (Franco Czech Treaty).but Prime Minister Daladier visited London in April 28th 1938, although stating publically that “he had wanted a firm stand from Chamberlain over their support to the Czech government, but had actually been dissuaded by logistic pessimism!” However the day before, privately he had told an agent of the German embassy he hoped the British” would suggest pressure be put on Prague” allowing him to acquiesce. (Butler ra1971p68). Chamberlain had stated in a letter to king George vi (13th September 1938) an agreement was reached with the French supporting a policy of appeasement allowing Hitler to gain control of his Sudeten people. Also in his letter he stated without much detail his understanding that “Hitler had made his mind up to attack Czechoslovakia and head east, in such a timeframe that it would not be possible for Anglo French intervention”. The British Ambassador to Berlin, Sir Neville Henderson, referred to the Czechoslovakian President, Eduard Benes, as “pigheaded” and claimed he could become the reason for a second world war. Henderson writing to Lord Halifax from the British embassy in Berlin stated
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