Municipal Policy Making and Analysis

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They are often closest to community challenges, aspirations and immediate needs. Governments try to establish clear policies that require local municipalities to be sensitive to community views and responsive to local problems (Temenos & McCann, 2012, p.1389). Ultimately, municipalities serve in an activist and developmental role by consulting the community and helping establish policies that promote positive social change.
Policy making is fundamental to every local branch of government and impacts residents in myriad ways. Public policies create mandates for the nature, scope and intention of government decisions that, once enacted, have measurable repercussions for a community and its future. Elected councilmembers and others in positions of authority have public policy making responsibilities and in most South African municipalities in particular, the process is often decentralized (Thornhill, 2000, p.8). Policy conception, design, approval, and execution involves the interests of many including specialized groups, external actors, everyday citizens, and beneficiaries. In ideal cases, over-arching policy is heavily influenced by the voices of these key stakeholders and others.
Policy analysis can be a cumbersome undertaking…
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