Munroe's Argumentative Essay

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support that helps mentees grow and flourish.
Sanders notes that reproducing leaders takes “careful thought, wise planning, endless patience, and genuine Christian love.” To be a mentor is no easy task. Munroe advocates that mentors keep the following principles in mind when seeking to develop a mentor’s mindset:
1. Understand that leadership is “caught more than taught.”
2. See potential in each person.
3. Tolerate mistakes.
4. Demonstrate patience.
5. Make time to spend with your mentee.
6. Provide opportunities to learn.
7. Be honest with correction and generous with praise.
8. Provide recognition.
9. Keep a long-term perspective.
10. Focus on developing people, not managing them.
11. Understand that transformation comes only through
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received the baton for leadership of Crenshaw Christian Center, he was authorized by Frederick Price, Sr. to host a Hip Hop themed worship service. After realizing the success of that worship service, Price, Sr. empowered Price, Jr. to host two additional services with a similar theme. As time progressed, Pastor Fred Price, Sr. went from having the responsibility of organizing one service to the responsibility of the whole church. It is incumbent upon the leader to regularly evaluate his or her successor to ensure that the situation is developing in a positive direction. As the leader sees that his or her successor is successful with assignments, then responsibilities should increase with the successor and decrease with the leader as observed in Ferguson and Ferguson’s Five Steps of Leadership Development mentioned earlier. Leaders should be careful not to give too much too fast because it may be overwhelming, but also not to give too little too slowly because that frustrates.
Step 9: Resign/Retire/Release When It Is
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The reality of poor pastoral compensation and poor to mediocre benefits packages for pastors often makes retiring when the time is right very difficult. Developing a succession plan that takes adequate compensation into account is critical. Many pastors, perhaps even those previously mentioned, have felt forced into staying in the pastorate beyond their time because leaving it would have left them with an inadequate stream of income. About this concept, Vanderbloemen and Bird note that in the “Old Testament, God established a mandatory retirement age for priests when they were to step aside from the senior role, either retiring or moving to a role where they assisted (Numbers 8:23-26). The community was then to provide for and honor these retired servants (Numbers 18:31; Deuteronomy 14:27;
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