Murder And Capital Punishment Is Not The Same Thing

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Murder and Capital Punishment are not the same thing. Murder is evil, while capital punishment is retribution. It’s hard to say exactly what is right and wrong a lot of the time. Do we define right and wrong as two lists of things that a community has almost arbitrarily split down the middle to label? Or do we label right and wrong as what we consider to be bad through means of trial and error? Even then, you can begin to ask more questions like how does one define “bad”, what is “bad” for one community but not for another, etc. Although the possibilities are rather endless for what is necessarily right or wrong, this may not be the case for what is evil. Currently, there is no known place where murdering somebody else in your community for violent intent - be that a tribe, village, state, or country – is considered acceptable or legal. This is an interesting concept, because the idea of morality is so fluid depending on what region or community you belong to. But if murder is never okay, then the question is why? Some parts of the world even find cannibalism to be acceptable, so why murder of all things? If murder is considered an evil, then there must be some way to make sure incredibly violent individuals can never kill again. This is why we need capital punishment, also known as the death penalty. Murder is always wrong, but killing is not always murder. There is never any good reason to murder another human being because the intention is only and always violent by…
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