Murder Capital: “Chiraq, Drillinois” a City at War Essay

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Gang life exists as a lifestyle because of a lack of access to resources. Gangs are classically viewed as a by-product of social disorganization, the weakness of traditional institutions, like the schools, to replace the lost primary networks of the traditional world. Home of the Chicago Bulls and great players, such as, Michael Jordan and Derick Rose, who have won six rings and it is considered to host one of the greatest NBA teams of all times. It is the adopted hometown of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. The city has produced great musicians such as R. Kelly and Nat King Cole, who revolutionized the music industry during their time. It has been burnt down and rebuilt stronger than ever, with landmarks, such as the…show more content…
Systemic racism, government apathy, The isolation of impoverished communities, Gang influence, the poor quality of education in many predominantly Black public schools, and the loss of living wage jobs have all played a part in creating the ongoing bloodshed. Chicago is now a dual city: one mainly white city located in areas close to the new economy with residents who have high levels of formal education and moderate to high levels of income. The other city is moving to the south and west. It is mainly Black, Latino, and poor. Chicago is no longer known for its vibrant skyline and food. Now, when people think of Chicago, they associate it with violence and the latest gangsta rap. The ghetto has not disappeared in Chicago but has persisted. In the early 2000s, Chicago started undergoing a massive reconstruction and tearing down of the CHA housing projects (Goetz). The reconstruction displaced thousands of families and gangs with no clear understanding of life outside the projects. The displacement of gangs has contributed to violence as new turfs are fought over and gangs are de-stabilized. The demolishment of the housing projects disbursed thousands with no clear understanding of life outside of the projects. Causing the re-segregation of Chicago by sending impoverished individuals to even more impoverished communities, indirectly becoming responsible for persisting high rates of violence. When residence were forced to move and relocate throughout

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