Murder House: Eternal Darkness Show

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Season 1 of American Horror Story was fan titled “Murder House” as it was called by the “Eternal Darkness Tour” featured in the show. Murder House opens with the subtitle on the screen informing us that the opening scene occurred in 1978. The first character we see is a young Adelaide Langdon, followed by the red-headed twins Troy and Bryan (I’ve come to think of red-heads of AHS to be the same as the red shirts in Star Trek, you just know they’re going to die). Before the twins enter the house, young Addie says, “Excuse me, you are going to die in there!” echoing the same warning of Regan MacNeil in the Exorcist. As we already know, Addie was right as they met their fate in the hands of Infantata. Skip to present day (2011) and we meet
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