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Thesis & Outline Agatha Christie's Murder at the Vicarage Thesis: Agatha Christie's unique way of writing mysteries to capture the audiences attention in her interesting plots, mind-boggling detectives, and the quietude of her settings to create the perfect mystery. 1. Plots A) " Miss Christie is not only an expert technician and a remarkable good story-teller, but she knows, as well, just the right number of hints to offer as to the real murderer." - William Rose Benet B) " Agatha Christie is best known for her detective stories, which are characterized by their ingenious plots and psychological clues" - The New York Times Book Review C) " Agatha Christie is known for being the " Queen of Crime" and " Mystress of…show more content…
One begins to class people, quite definitely, just as though they were birds or flowers. Agatha Christie 121 3. Setting A) " Christie creates a perfect setting to place and set up the mystery she crafted. The best and an excellent example is her fictional town of St. Mary Mead, where the spinster lady Miss Jane Marple resides. - Robert Kee B) " St Mary Mead, Christie was able to introduce residents representing jealousy, adultery, greed, lust, pride, and deceipt. To cure this bacteria, Christie injected Marple into the village. -New York Times Book Review C) " Her subsequent travels with him throughout the middle East provided material for several of her novels. Come Tell Me How You Live, is a personal account of these expeditions." - New York Times Book Review D) " Appointment With Death and Murder in Mesopotamia, both were inspired by archeology. Both books were comprised of Max's archaeological friends and helpers." - Matthew Prichard A) " Anyone who murdered Colonel Protheroe; declared the parson, brandishing a carving knife above a joint of roast beef, would be doing the world at large a service," Agatha Christie 55 B) " The only road of significance passing through the village was High Street. Here were the well-established purveyances of Mr. Petherick,

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