Murder in Austin, Tx

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LuraLee Smith
Mrs. Collar
English 1301
17 September 2011
Murder in Austin Texas
It has been five years today that my cousin Stacy Lynn Sparks was murdered. I always thought that something like this could never happen to my family. This is the first time that something so tragic has happened in my life. It will also lead me to pain and frustration years to come. The loss of her has had a great impact on how I live my life today.
I can still remember the sound in my mother’s voice the day she called to tell me that Stacy had been shot. She asked me if I was sitting down. The words that came through the phone were slow and piercing as if a tape recorder had been put on slow play back. Comprehending what was being said to me felt like
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To this day I will never understand why we were treated like someone in our family had done something wrong.
Upon leaving the court house, I realized I’m in the state capital for the very first time in my life. Every time I revisit this city or see Austin, Texas I will forever be reminded of this tragic event of my cousin’s death. Since this has happened I take this tragedy and remind myself of the evil that is in this world and I have made a vow to never allow myself to be like my cousin. Looking at the situation my cousin put herself in (drugs, prostitution) it has given me a reason to hold on strong for my children. I learned that no matter how horrible your life can be as a child that you have to learn to love yourself and forgive those who didn’t love you enough or you will turn to the devil. That pain and frustration I have is still inside me I only use it for the greater of life than for the worst. I will always remember Stacy for so many reasons that one cannot put on paper. I think she would be proud to know that her life meant something even after
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