Murder on the Orient Express

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Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie is a novel about mystery and crime. It takes place in winter on a train that’s on its way to Paris. Unfortunately, they run into a snowdrift. Now, they’re stranded in the middle of nowhere with a murdered man on board. In the beginning, a man by the name of Ratchett consults Hercule Poirot, (Inspector) about a problem of his which is that he has an enemy. Ratchett would like Poirot to keep him safe since his life has been threatened but Poirot refuses the case. Later that night, Mr. Ratchett gets assassinated. When the corpse is found, Poirot and other men initiate an investigation to find his murder and they interrogate all of the people on the train. Afterward, when Mr. Ratchett’s identity…show more content…
The antagonist in Murder on the Orient Express is Mr. Ratchett, who is a criminal. Mr. Ratchett had an “unprepossing face, noting the false benevolence of the brow and the small cruel eyes”(25). Mr.Ratchett was a evil, malevolent man because he kidnapped for the money. For example, “Cassetti, who ran the celebrated kidnapping stunts including the famous affair of little Daisy Armstrong”(76). Mr. Ratchett is important in this novel because he’s the man that got murdered and from beginning to end they try to find out who eradicated him. The audience for this novel would be people who are drawn into crimes and investigation. The tone of it is suspenseful and mysterious for example the tone gets quite suspenseful when M.Bouc says, “The murderer is with us on the train now….”(44). The purpose of this novel is to entertain because it is fiction. The message is rather lucid and karma does exist because Mr.Ratchett thought that he could get away with all he did and live his life but little did he know that what he was doing was coming right back at him. I enjoyed all the mystery, it had a lot of details and it kept me wondering who the killer was throughout the novel. One of the drawbacks however, was all of the outdated language, it would’ve been helpful if it would have the meanings in the backside of the book. Also, the ending was confusing, I would’ve liked to know
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