Murder within the Family

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This essay will explore how the media shapes the formal and informal policing of child murders within the family. Through case studies, an exploration of government policies and legislation, the essay will illustrate how the media has created moral panics around stranger danger, despite the fact that major harm to children is generally caused by families and their friends. Throughout our upbringing one is taught not to speak to strangers because they are the ones who are most likely to bring harm upon us. The people found most trustworthy are normally family members and family friends. Most people would, without a second thought trust their children’s life with family or friends. This essay will explore definitions of the family, moral panics, formal and informal policing. Furthermore, this essay will seek to address how the media is seen to be the fourth estate of power. It will also discuss the power of the media and how the media frames and shapes moral panics, which consequently might give a misleading picture of the situation, through the demonization of strangers and how the media labels individuals within society. Finally, in order to answer the above question, the essay will look into cases and legislation to identify how governmental agencies have failed children who are deemed at risk. Before being able to answer the question, ‘In what ways do the media shape the formal and informal policing of child murder within the family?’ one must define the key terms in the
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