Murderer in The Family

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Kendall and her mother Cheri were moving into a new house with her new father Tom and his daughter Courtney. Kendall slowly unpacked her belongings into her new light blue room. She had shoulder length brown wavy hair. Her fair skin was red from moving boxes inside. Her blue crystal eyes scoped out her new house. Courtney was in her green room next door. Her blonde hair pulled into a messy bun, sweat running down her rosy cheeks. Her emerald eyes glowed from the window light. Courtney was ironically two months younger than Kendall so they went to school together. They were both in their senior year, they were so excited for college. Courtney often braged to her father about how excited she was for NYU.
The family settled quickly. Two weeks later the house finally felt like a home. It was time for exams. Kendall and Courtney spent their weekends studying. It took a taxing amount of effort. The girls were constantly breathing in the weathered paper from books. There fingers often cramped from keyboard clicks.
Exams came. The students sat down to take the test that were going to determine their future. Kendall remained calm, controlling her nerves. She had eaten a good breakfast and gotten plenty of sleep. She was well prepared. The questions felt strangely ok to her. She understood what to reply. But every so often she still got confused. Courtney in another room was taking the test, her fingers clenched her pencil. She stomped her feet and…
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