Murders in California

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PEN. CODE § 187, there are three types of murders that involve having an intention to kill. They are as listed: premeditated murder, second-degree murder malice aforethought, and murder as a result of provocation. Murder as a result of provocation is one who states a mental incapacity for either the time being, such as; blacking out, or they had temporary loss of control of oneself and could not control it. This is only seen though through murder cases for it to end up being a lesser charge. Second-degree murder malice aforethought is a non-premeditated killing of a victim who cannot be fully proven there was the full reasoning of the death. This is also known as having some sort of intent or recklessness.(Cal. Penal Code § 187 [West 1996]). Premeditated murder is someone who sat down and thought the murder through and went along with it, also known as first-degree murder. So with all that being said, in the scenario about a victim of a DUI accident who had religious beliefs about blood transfusion died from bleeding out too much in California. The drunken driver was on probation for a previous DUI he has received, and because of him driving drunk, caused him to be impaired which caused him to crash into a parked car. Where then the victim was trapped and started to bleed out. When they approached the hospital, the victim made it clear that she is against blood transfusions due to her religious beliefs, so the doctors than…
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