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1672 WordsFeb 11, 20137 Pages E-mail preferred: mus354 The Beatles • John Hannon – vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, song writer • Paul McCartney – vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, song writer • George Harrison – (Jazz), vocals, lead guitar, song writer (“something”) • Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) – vocals, drums • Left-handed: Paul and Ringo Paul is a perfectionist Ringo – short, more like human being, oldest, older than John by 3 month 4 stage career – • 1958-1963 – formative, U.K. hits 62-63: “ Please please me”, “Love me do” 63: “She loves you, yeah yeah yeah”, “I want to hold your hand” • 1964-1965 – U.S. and World tours, pop hits • 1966-1968 – psychedelic sound and concept albums…show more content…
– double lead vocals • Two after versions released, one with session drummer, one with Ringo on drums • Not an impressive song • Epstein helps song hit charts • First Beatles single • First Beatles song on chart “How do you do it” M. Murray • First proper Abbey Road studio recording, not an audition • Beatles recorded song at George Martin’s insistence • Song hits for Gerry and the Pacemakers in 1963 “Please please me” • John’s song, sings lead • • • G. Martin realizes this song will reach No. 1 on the British charts First real Beatles success Performed on tours and Sullivan show Please please me album released • Session completed in one day • No overdubs or studio effects • Cover photo looking down from building railing later re-staged for compilation album Mal Evans – equipment and road manager Neil Aspinal – driver and road manager “Misery” (L & M) • Rarity features George playing guitar riffs later added by George Martin on piano • John’s song, shares lead vocal with Paul • Vocal harmony intro is effective • John’s delivery of lyrics is tongue-in-cheek “Do You Want To Know a Secret” • George sings lead on John’s song • Unique chord structure shows • John’s writing style developing •

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