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1.0 Introduction
The marketing department of a record label plays a large part in portraying an artists’ image to its fan base and the music industry. Once an artist has produced their music and is ready to be made public, it is up to the marketing department to make sure that it is made available in all media formats. This is done solely through a range of distribution and promotion campaigns.

This case will look at the current situation of the music industry and analyse the effect the new technologies and the digital world are having on record labels and artists. Firstly by looking at a micro and macro environmental view point using various analysis models a better understanding can be made of the music industry in its current state.
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For example the evolution of digital radio stations (Digital Audio Broadcasters (DAB)) has lead to the evolution of DAB ripping. (Appendix 3). • The likes of Apple are being restricted by having their music offerings only available on iPod players, and therefore believe by having copyright protection removed by record labels, there can be a better turnover for all parties involved. (Appendix 13). • The current traditional method of record labels is that they keep the copyrights of artists’ recordings, which generally leads to the record label being profitable and the artists breaking even. (Appendix 7). • A new possible method of keeping the music industry profitable may be by legalising file sharing and giving artists / bands control over their own music. (Therefore working with a collapsed copyright system.) (Appendix 7).

2.1.2 Economic Factors • There are more methods of opportunities for artists / bands to both increase revenue and exposure, through CDs, digital downloads ringtones, concerts, TV shows, and video games. (Appendix 7). • Concert ticket sales have increased immensely over recent years and have become major events in an artists / bands diary. (Appendix 7). • A recent revision by the American President of the tax code has made it easier for intellectual property to be sold in the US, which therefore means that another possible method of development for the music industry can be through making

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