Muscle And Muscle Of Muscles

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Muscle and Muscle Tissue Functions Through contractions, muscles perform four functions. Movement or motion - Skeletal muscles provide movements of the body by muscle contraction, such as walking, and running. Cardiac muscle contraction maintains the beating of the heart. Smooth muscle contraction in the intestines, urinary bladder, and blood vessels moves substances through the body. Maintenance of posture - Skeletal muscles contract and make small adjustments almost continuously to hold the body in stationary positions, such as sitting or standing. Stabilize joints - Skeletal muscles add stability to joints that have poor reinforcement and articular surfaces that do not fit well, such as in the shoulder and knee joints¯ Heat production -…show more content…
All muscle tissue is composed of muscle fibers which are really muscle cells. There are three types of muscles: Skeletal muscle Skeletal muscle is found attached to and covering bones. They are classified as skeletal, striated, voluntary muscles. The muscle fibers are multinucleated (contain many nuclei), have band-like striations, and contraction is by conscious control. Cardiac muscle Cardiac muscle is located in the walls of the heart and is classified as cardiac, striated, involuntary muscle. The muscle fibers are branched, contain a single nucleus, have band-like striations, and are not under conscious control. They have thicker striations, called intercalated discs, where one muscle fiber joins the next fiber. Smooth muscle Smooth muscle is located in the walls of hollow visceral (internal) organs such as the intestines, stomach, urinary bladder, respiratory passages, and blood vessels. They are classified as visceral, nonstriated, involuntary muscles. The muscle fibers contain a single nucleus, no striations, and are not under conscious control. Naminq of Skeletal Muscles location - the body region or bone with which the muscle is associated. Examples: temporalis abdominus femoris tibialis shape Examples: deltoid (triangular) trapezius (trapezoid) rhomboideus (rhomboid) splenius (bandage) serratus (serrated)size
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