Muscle And Muscle Of Muscles

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Muscle and Muscle Tissue
Through contractions, muscles perform four functions.
Movement or motion - Skeletal muscles provide movements of the body by muscle contraction, such as walking, and running. Cardiac muscle contraction maintains the beating of the heart. Smooth muscle contraction in the intestines, urinary bladder, and blood vessels moves substances through the body.
Maintenance of posture - Skeletal muscles contract and make small adjustments almost continuously to hold the body in stationary positions, such as sitting or standing. Stabilize joints - Skeletal muscles add stability to joints that have poor reinforcement and articular surfaces that do not fit well, such as in the shoulder and knee joints¯
Heat production - Skeletal muscle constitutes 40% of body mass. Contractions produce heat and are important in maintaining normal body temperature.
Functional Characteristics of Muscles
Muscle tissue has four characteristics that play a role in maintaining homeostasis. excitability - The ability to receive and respond to stimuli. Stimuli initiate nerve impulses which are interpreted by the brain and spinal cord and transmitted back to the muscles, causing them to respond. contractility - The ability to shorten and thicken, or contract, when a sufficient stimulus is received. This characteristic distinguishes muscle tissue from other types of tissue.
3. extensibility - The ability to stretch or extend. elasticity - The ability of muscle to return to its…

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