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Late 1900’s Muscle Cars Introduction: How it all started from the beginning. The late 1900’s muscle cars and the great spike in 1900 muscle cars. I. Why are they so expensive? A. They have gone extinct B. They aren’t sold now in days C. There’s only a hand full of them left in the world II. How much would one cost to restore a 1900’s muscle car? A. Depends on how bad the car looks B. The model of the car C. If the parts of the car expensive to find III. Why do some late 1900’s muscle cars cost more then others? A. Some would cost more, due to the model of the car B. What kinds of parts C. What kind of motor IV. Ford Mustang A. the top favorite muscle car in the late 1900’s B. Top Selling car in the 1900’s C.…show more content…
Today now and days this car is so expensive and so valuable to many car owners. A car like this would go for more then 40 to 50,000 dollars. The late 67 models are the most valuable because there’s not many of these models left in the world and that makes this very valuable and very expensive, but is also a great car now in days too. This car is considered to be the best muscle cars of all time and to be very valuable now in days. The 1967 Mustang went from 0 to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds. [pic]Chevrolet Camaro SS, was the second highest popular car sold. This was the era were Chevrolet tried to copy the design of the mustang. It had accomplished it, by selling lots of Camaro’s but not as much as the Mustang’s. The 1967 Camaro was the second highest car to sell in nation wide, with over 80,000 cars sold in that one year. The Camaro came out with a V8 engine and with the choice of a 327 or a 350 small block engine. The horse power of the engine that came out of the engine was around 150 hp. On the Camaro they had “SS” this meant to say super sport; they meant to say super sport because it was a high powered engine and had lots of muscle for its time. The car did perform well but still couldn’t be able to defeat the 1967 Shelby Mustang. The Camaro went 0to 60 miles per hour in 7 seconds flat. [pic] The 1967 corvette coupe stingray was another great fast and very popular back in the 1900’s. The corvette had finished its

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