Muscle Development In Children

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"CP affects a child's ability to move and maintain posture and balance... the injury does not damage the child's muscles or nerves connecting them to the spinal-cord-only the brains ability to control the muscles" (Geralis 2). Depending on which part of the brain is injured it will affect how the brain will be able to control tone. If tone is missing it will lead to muscle and movement problems. "Missing tone leads to very tight muscles which affects movements of joints and limbs and jerky movements associated with certain types of CP, which is different from tight muscles that you see in other types of CP" (Narayanan video). Doctors who treat the body of a person who has CP wants to relieve pain or prevent it from happening. Also, if a person with CP can walk, doctors would like to make them walk better therefore they can do more things that they would enjoy doing. Dr. Rice treats and assesses children of their abnormal tone difficulties and muscular skeletal problems. At around age 2 children start to develop difficulties with muscle tone that can impact hip development. Some children are not standing or sitting and need earlier treatment than children who progress towards walking independently or with support. Children of that age like to move around and may need help to do it, or have equipment like a walker or a wheelchair, 2-3 years old have rapid development and go from parallel play to integrated play (Rice). Gross Motor Function Classification System is designed to describe levels of functioning. There are five levels of functioning that describe these skills.…show more content…
“Level 5- full time wheelchair users • Needs lots of support for posture and body control Level 4- wheelchair users • Ability to use wheelchair independently whether powered or manual Level 3- Some ability to walk with
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