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Four Ways to Enhance the Muscle Mass without Using Supplements
Every one of us at some point of time wants to increase our muscles size. It does not matter whether you want to increase your muscle definition impress others or you have taken bodybuilding as carrier. Beginners who are unaware that chemicals supplements can bring negative effects on their health you may lead to health complications in their life. It is imperative on your part to consume any kind of health supplement for increasing muscle definition under the supervision of an experienced physician or physical trainer. This will ensure that you do not make any wrong moves.
In order to achieve a lean and muscular body, it is not necessary to go for chemicals supplements. You can achieve good muscle size without using them. Here are a couple of
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When you are eating to increase your muscle size, 1 g of protein per pound of bodyweight is advised. You can always increase or decrease protein in your diet depending on your requirements. Other than this I advise my clients to consume 15% of total calories from good quality protein. If you are a vegetarian opt for plant protein otherwise animal protein is considered best for bodybuilders.
Importance of fat and carbohydrate many people are scared of eating fat and carbohydrate because they think that it will increase the fat percentage. Therefore get that carbohydrates and fats are good for providing energy the body. If you eat a banana before your training session, it will help you work out with good energy. You can also consume a tablespoon of honey with water before exercising. Honey will dissolve fast in your body and it will enhance the energy level in your body.
Experienced bodybuilders know the importance of healthy fats and they consume 30% of their calories from it.
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