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Is It Possible to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle Mass at the Same Time?
A lot of people like to build lean muscle mass and get rid of body fat as quickly as possible. They are beginners in this field and they cannot understand that this is something which they cannot achieve overnight. The truth is that losing fat and gaining muscle mass are two different things, but they can achieve it. The problem is due to insufficient knowledge about the subject, they fall prey to different advertisements of health products. This is not practically possible that by doing only 10 minutes of exercise and that too once a week you can get rid of belly fat.
If you wish to lose body weight and gain muscles, follow the rules systematically. You can burn fat and gain muscle, but you cannot look like Hulk Hogan with a short period of time.
Total-body Workouts
If you want to see positive results in both the perspectives, then it is imperative to do
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This is a point which most of the people miss and eventually they quit their muscle gain program. They say this is impossible to lose fat and gain muscle. Remember if you consume good quality protein and complex carbohydrates, then your body will get a proper supply and this will enhance the muscle building process. Right diet will enhance metabolism and fat loss, consume a natural health supplement which boosts physical strength.
Limited intake of carbohydrates will make your body consume the stored fat and this will decrease the fat percentage. You cannot overlook the importance of healthy fats in your diet. Whatever you consume make sure you are not exceeding your calorie intake because if you will consume more than you are require. Your body will start storing the excess carbohydrate in the form of fat, this will deteriorate the condition. Do strength training and high intensity interval training to get faster
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